In November of 2009, the standing cat viral video began to invade the Internet and has slowly gained popularity.  The increase in popularity and interest on the standing cat viral video is attributed by many people to the entertaining nature of this 46-second video.

If you are stressed out with your work and need to wind down a bit, then standing cat would be a good way to do so. One of the most common initial responses when viewing the standing cat is that it looks so much like a person!

The cat looks so real that you may think it was another one of Andy Serkis’ movie roles.  In fact, watching the standing cat viral video you can spot some human-like reactions like bewilderment, nonchalant, and being puzzled among others.  To get a few seconds of entertainment into your life, you definitely must view standing cat.

Standing Cat Shows Reaction

Watching the viral video standing cat you will at first become amazed at the delicate balance being shown by the cat.  Next, you begin wondering just what the standing cat is intently staring at possibly outside the window?

Then at about the 30-second mark, the standing cat begins to show emotion that some interpret as bewilderment as if attempting to scratch his head.  Some believe that the action was similar to a person trying to wave and call the attention of someone passing outside.  This is one of the more curious moments in this 46-second video.

Cat Standing Feat

If you are like most cat lovers, then you would know how much of a treat it is to watch a cat stand on its hind legs like most people.  The great balance that the standing cat exhibits is actually something that you do not see every day.  Sure, you see a cat stand on its hind legs for maybe five to ten seconds and you automatically find it amusing.

What is more amusing with the standing cat is that he achieved this feat for over 40 seconds.  Now that is incredible balance!  What’s more is that he simply does not stand still but actually throws in some paw gestures which almost throws your own faculties out of control with amazement.

Identifying the Standing Cat

In one of the interviews posted on the Internet, the owners of the standing cat identified him as Rocky.  This “outstanding” cat (no pun intended!) is 2 years old and belongs to Daisy and Yann.

The interview also revealed that Rocky was normally being captured on video by his owners because he looks so adorable as well as intriguing.  They however never anticipated the kind of attention the standing cat would get from the Internet community.

How the Standing Cat Video Began

Daisy and Yann, the owner of Rocky, revealed that the standing cat was actually posted on the Internet on November 6, 2009.  They were initially intrigued at how Rocky was trying so hard to stand on his hind legs to look at something out of the camera frame.

They also wanted to feature the ability of Rocky to exhibit some anthropomorphic behaviors like people including sitting on his bottom, gesturing by raising his right paw a number of times, and standing of course.  Entertainingly crazy!

“I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat”

For those of you who are familiar with Tweety Pie or Tweety Bird, then you would know that this fictional cartoon yellow canary was almost always being chased by Sylvester the Cat in those Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons.

Sylvester the Cat actually had an unexplainable keen interest on Tweety Bird that bordered on obsessive.  In a similar nature, the owners of the standing cat revealed that Rocky actually figured out a way to stand on his hind legs because he always had trouble seeing birds through the window.

Finally!  Those who have been wondering what the motivation was for Rocky the standing cat was, the cat is out of the bag, so to speak!

Variations of Rocky the Standing Cat

The immense popularity gained by Rocky the standing cat through the various initiatives on the Internet and social networking sites have also led to a number of re-uploads, remixes, and derivatives.

Like almost anything popular on the Internet, this viral video has spammed different versions from creative individuals all featuring Rocky in different lights.  Some of the more common standing cat videos that have been inspired by the original are:

Falling down standing cat

  • Menacing looking standing cat (featured on Jimmy Kimmel show)
  • Standing cat using a monocle
  • Darth Vader standing cat
  • Gangster standing cat
  • Standing cat in boots (inspired by Puss in Boots)

Standing Cat Music

Many of the people who have enjoyed viewing the standing cat viral video on the Internet have also been entertained by the choice of background music.  For those who are a bit intrigued or would want to know more about the interesting background music, it is actually “Cats on Mars.”

The jolly nature of the song adds more to the entertainment value of the standing cat with almost the same effect on the Cowboy Bebop anime series where the music is the featured soundtrack.  The background music of the standing cat viral video was performed by the artist Yoko Kanno.

Undoubtedly, there will be more and more people who will be entertained by Rocky the standing cat on the Internet.  Hopefully though, his interests on the birds outside the window are merely for viewing only.  Otherwise, Rocky the standing cat may just end up frustrated like Sylvester.